Member Spotlight

Amber Carlson
2021-2022 President-Elect

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Topeka, and after leaving at 18, didn’t ever plan to return. However, life has a way of bringing everything full circle, and 18 years later we returned to be closer to family. Putting effort into the community that we raise our family in, has been a keystone in this journey.

What do you do for a living?

I am the Vice President of Operations for a company that specializes in providing specialty physician services to underserved communities. Though the bulk of my career was spent in advertising sales management and publishing.

How long have you been involved with the Junior League?

I am proud to be in my seventh year as an active member of the Junior League.

Why did you join the Junior League?

Truthfully, at that time, I joined League to get my identity back. After years of working outside the home, I found myself lost in the daily life of motherhood. I needed an outlet for my entrepreneurial energy, and I found my niche in the League. 

What positions or roles have you held in League?

I helped to formulate the plans for, and helped to launch our semi-annual magazine, Capital Impact, and served as the Editor of the Inaugural edition. I then briefly served as VP of Communications, a Member-at-Large, Recognitions and Obligations Coordinator on the Leadership Council, VP of Funding Development, and now I am honored to be President-Elect. 

What do you love most about League and what keeps you coming back year-after-year?

Being part of an organization that works for the betterment of our community is such an honor. Having a hand in facilitating change, and working hand in hand with like-minded women, has been such an empowering experience. The friendships that I have made in League through this shared journey are incredible.  

What advice would you give to someone wanting to join the Junior League of Topeka?

I would advise her to jump in with both feet! As with everything else in life, you will get out of League what you put into League. Become enthusiastically involved, create your space in the League, and prepare to grow in ways you didn’t foresee. 

What are you involved in outside of the League?

I have homeschooled four of our six children for the last seven years. 

Tell us something else about you?

My husband, Kris, and I have a big family! In addition to our six children, we have one son-in-law, and a toddler grandson. Our house is always filled with lots of noise, copious amounts of chaos, and thankfully, love. 

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